Bartomeu Offers To Resign As Fans Storm Camp Nou Beg Messi To Stay

This news of Messi asking Barcelona to terminate his contract has angered the fans. The fans want Bartomeu to resign so that Messi decides to stay.

The Barcelona fans have gathered around Camp Nou to protest against Bartomeu and calling him to resign. They have been shocked by the news of Messi leaving the club. So they want Bartomeu to resign instead.

This is the first time ever, the situation has worsened this much as Messi is on the verge of leaving his only football club where he is deemed as the God of football. In the meantime, another club legend, Carl├ęs Puyol has bid farewell to Messi already.

It seems Bartomeu is also feeling the heat of Messi leaving the club. He has reportedly decided to resign as Barcelona president.

So, will the resignation from Bartomeu be enough to convince Messi to stay at Barcelona? Or this matter has already gone above the head and he has decided to leave the club no matter what?

Watch videos of the growing protest below:

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