Watch Video As Young Man Falsely Accused Of Rape Reads His Suicide Note Before Killing Himself

This is the suicide note of a young Nigerian Entrepreneur, Izu Madubueze, which he read before shooting himself dead in America.
Izu was accused of rape by one Nanichi Anese and despite taking steps to clear his name, his efforts were repeatedly thwarted by her. According to Nanichi, Izu's alleged victim reported him to her and she would protect the identity of his accuser.

Given the spate of rape cases taking Nigeria by storm in recent months, Izu was dragged mercilessly on social media with many condemning him.

The young man, who has been battling with his mental health for years, committed suicide when the issue became too much for him to handle. Following his suicide, the alleged victim has recounted her testimony which branded him a rapist in the first place.

Social media is awash with this video he recorded before he killed himself. The tag #JusticeforIZU is trending as many call for the prosecution of his accusers and other people who falsely cry "rape".

Watch below:

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