Segalink And Kiki Mordi Trade Words Over Dbanj's Rape Saga As He Accuses Her Of Threatening Seyitan

Nigerian journalist, Kiki Mordi has, in recent times, lent her platform to conversations centered around rape, abuse and violence as it concerns Nigerians. One noteworthy thing about the ‘sex-for-grades’ journalist is her unorthodox approach to many controversial topics in Nigeria and her passion for the issues she advocates for, often at the risk of targeted harassment.
After an accusatory tweet from Nigerian realtor, Segun Awosanya, popularly known as Segalink – surfaced alleging “played the role of the hitman” and sent threats to him and Seyitan Babatayo because he had intervened in the police case between Seyitan and entertainer, D’Banj.
This escalated after news broke that Seyitan withdrew her accusation of rape against the singer, Oladapo Oyebanji (D’banj). For many, these two activists, Mordi and Sega, played a huge role from the inception of the case to its dissolution.

Following through with his accusation against Kiki, Sega shared a screenshot to buttress his points that suggests the Kiki is a ‘man-hating’ activist that is ‘out to get all men.’ A tweet he has since deleted after it was quickly challenged as doctored.

Recall that Kiki and Sega were both originally working together to find the truth behind Seyitan’s accusation and getting justice on the right level for the accused and accuser.

For many, Kiki Mordi has been the face of the alleged ‘feminist coven’ that was allegedly pushing the case till it was withdrawn after a non-monetary settlement. Segalink on the other hand had shared his stance against rape and false accusation even as it was gathered that he was at the center of the agreement with Seyitan to withdraw the case.
In response to this, Kiki released a recording of a call with Segalink. Listen to it below

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