Meet The MTN Customer Service Staff Behind The Voice “You Have One Minute Remaining”

If you are an Mtn service user and been wondering the lady behind the nice voice that warns you, whenever your airtime is exhausted, or who tells you that your account balance is too low to make a call, well, the owner of the sweet voice has been revealed and surprisingly as many people would have thought that is a white woman, the lady behind the voice is an African.
Kgomotso Christopher is a South African, and a talented voice artist who has one of the nicest customer care voice.

Kgomotso Christopher is the Mtn staff behind the voice prompts: “you have one minute remaining, and you have insufficient balance to complete this call” the phrases a lot of people do not like hearing.
Kgomotso Christopher is a graduate from Columbia University in new York, USA. She has been working for the mobile telecommunications company MTN, for six years. The identity of Kgomotso Christopher was recently Revealed, and this got a lot of Mtn customers talking as they marveled at the lady behind the popular voice.

She is also a renown actress in South Africa and a proud mother of two.

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