Lagos Man Stabs Wife To Death Before Committing Suicide While Kids Were In The House

A Nigerian man simply identified as Femi, stabbed his wife to death, and thereafter committed suicide in their home in Victory Park estate in Lagos state on Sunday, June 21.
The victim who has been identified as Olamide Omajuwa was the founder of Pearl Academy Nigeria, an organization that mentors young females who have not had an easy life.

According to residents of the estate, the couple moved into the estate three weeks ago with their two young children. Not much was known about the couple but just a day before the murder-suicide, they were spotted jogging together on Saturday night June 20.

However, on Sunday, the man who is said to have always questioned the paternity of their second child, stabbed his wife to death, and then took his own life.

Hmm! Olamide.... Today was supposed to be a fresh start, a week for better news... I’m still weak and I can’t wrap my head around this... You had big dreams for this year.... we had spoken about so many things. Made so many plans but someone, your husband to be, father of your children had to take your own life! How is this even possible . • So all the plans just went down the drain??? Your kids, the kids you’ve been impacting through @pearlacademynig, what will happen now? . • I met Olamide on Instagram.. she had reached out to me for something and after many discussions with her, i knew she was serious, I decided to take her under my wings and just try to help anyway I could... She was a young pleasant girl, very hardworking. She had been through a lot but wanted other young girls not to go through all she had been through, so she started @pearlacademynig... She won a grant from my uncles company, Variant Advisory and since then, has been doing her part to educate teenage girls... She organised a parenting conference in March then COVID struck... I cannot believe this is happening. . • We had spoken about him... and he seemed sane... Anytime I think about it, I tell myself that ‘We will get him and he will pay for it’, then I come back to reality and realize that he killed himself too... I get weaker... This is not a movie... . • May your soul Rest In Peace... I’ve been trying to reach out to her family since I spoke to her staff this morning to no avail... if anyone has their details, please send to me.. . • Like I said on Saturday, there are a lot of MAD people walking on the street that look normal; if you see traits of a psychopath, I don’t care if you have 100 children, please run for you life! This is heart wrenching💔
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A neighbor who spoke on condition of anonymity said:

On Sunday afternoon, neighbors close to the couple's apartment heard loud music emanating from their home and this lasted for many hours.

The neighbors went to the estate office to complain about the loud music and insisted the estate officials go there and caution the couple.

The estate authorities went to the couple's compound to appeal to them to turn down the volume of the music coming from their apartment.

They however met with the wife's sister who was downstairs with the couple's children. The sister immediately went upstairs so she can inform her sister and the husband about the complaint laid by the estate authorities. She knocked several times but got no response.

After waiting for so long, the sister and the estate officials decided to pull the door down. They were greeted by a horrific sight.

Apparently, the man had killed his wife. It is believed it was pre-meditated because when they got into the room, they saw different kinds of knives there. The woman's legs and hands were bound and her mouth shut with a cellotape. The husband used a clipper to shave her hair, stabbed her head, her eyes, stabbed her multiple times with different knives.

The scene was nothing short of a horror movie.

After stabbing his wife to death, the man committed suicide by drinking sniper''

Spokesperson of the state police command, Bala Elkana who confirmed the incident to LIB, said

It is true. Homicide detectives have sealed up the place. They have commenced investigation. The corpse of the man and the woman have been moved to the hospital for an autopsy.

Two kitchen knives were found there and two bottles of Sniper. The woman had injuries from stabbing while foams were coming out of the man's mouth who is suspected to have taken those Snipers.

Investigation is ongoing''

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