Nigeria begins implementation of new visa fees policy for US citizens

The federal government has commenced implementation of reduced visa application fees for citizens of the United States of America.
In August, the US increased the cost of visa application for Nigerians, saying the measure was taken to reciprocate the extra visa fee the Nigerian government charges American citizens.

The consulate had said while America charged Nigerians $160 for visa application, its citizens seeking Nigerian visa were paying $110 extra.

About 24 hours after the increment, Rauf Aregbesola, minister of interior, announced a reduction in the Nigerian visa fee, thereby directing US citizens to pay $160.

But the US embassy responded that the additional cost for visa application still applies to Nigerians, adding that it had not received an official communication from the Nigerian government on the issue.

In a memo dated February 5, Muhammad Babandede, the comptroller-general of Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), directed all Nigerian missions in the US to immediately implement the new visa charges payable by US citizens, and “discontinue charging processing or expedient fees”.

The memo, marked NIS/HQ/CGI/806/7 and addressed to the permanent secretary in the ministry of foreign affairs, is based on a review of the US visa reciprocity policy for Nigeria.

“Our Missions are to issue up to two years multiple entry visa to frequent short visit travelers on request in line with reciprocity,” he said.

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  1. One of the reason of the decrease in rates of Nigerian flyers to the US is the continues rise in the US visa fees. It has become a problem to visa applicants because there is no guarantee of visa approval and a failed application means another visa fee payment when re-applying for a US visa.

  2. However, they also need to keep the bank receipts to show that the money has been changed legally. india visa online