Sitting On The Toilet For More Than 15 Minutes Is Unhealthy - Expert

A medical expert, Dr Bola Bello, has warned against sitting for too long on toilet seats as it could cause haemorrhoids.
Bello, who is a consultant in a private facility, told the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday in Ilorin that sitting on toilet seats for more than 15 minutes was not healthy.

”It has become a norm now for people to enter toilets with their phones, which makes them sit on the toilet seats for a very long time, it is very wrong.

”You are not supposed to sit on any toilet seat for more than 15 minutes, it can cause haemorrhoids, which in medical terms, is referred to as veins in and around the anus.

“In the process of sitting on toilet seats for long, the veins get engorged with blood and the veins eventually start bleeding,” Bello warned.

The medical expert added that no matter how clean a toilet appeared to be, it remained an unhygienic place, which harbours germs.

”In as much as some toilets are very neat and tempting to stay in for long, we should not forget that it is an unsafe and unhygienic place.

”If you can check your toilet under the microscope and see the number of germs in there, I am sure you will not want to stay that long in there.

”So, it is better to play safe and try to remain healthy,” Bello said.


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