Shehu Sani cries out from EFCC custody, raises critical questions on bribe allegation

Former Senator and Civil Rights Activist, Shehu Sani who has been in detention since the past two weeks has described the bribery allegation against him as spurious and an attempt to dent his name at all costs.

Sani, who personally sent a statement to DAILY POST in Abuja on Thursday, insisted that he was been incarcerated using a Kaduna based automobile businessman as a result of his criticism of the current government.

He vowed to speak louder, when he comes out alive.

He wrote:

“The allegations of “extortion” against me is baseless, factless, unfounded, and hollow.

“It is a scripted stream of mischievous concoctions and utter fabrications using a puppet state agent; all aimed at splashing faeces and mud on me.

“The extortion allegation is nothing but a wholesale falsehood, packaged in a phantom anti-graft facade to taint, stain and mute me. That shall never happen if I am alive.

“I have made my statement and provided all my facts against their package of lies and I demand the EFCC to make public all the sheets of our statements and supporting documents for the world to see.

“My detention is unfair, unjust, prearranged and politically motivated.

“Alhaji Sani Dauda and his hidden sponsors have not been able to provide any proof of their allegations. I’m unjustly incarcerated on the ground of an arranged two page petition backed with no evidential or documentary proof.

“Fascism thrives in frame up of its critics.

“They claim extortion and here they are closing my bank accounts, searching my houses and offices and demanding that I declare my assets of which I have already done that at the CCB last year when I left the senate.

“Frame up cannot silence me!!!

“I have never ever met with the CJN or any judge or judges or ever called directly or indirectly to offer to give or to give directly or indirectly any form of gratification from Alhaji Sani Dauda

“I have never ever discussed with ASD on any form of bribe or gratification to be given to any judge or any EFCC official

“The bribe story is phantom, the bribe story is a fake, imaginative work of fiction, cruelly crafted to smear me, to frame me and to justify my persecution.

“The bribe story is a heap of blatant lies falsehood concocted and fabricated, using a front and the EFCC to premiere a state drama.

“ASD is a barely educated front for a state mission.

“Criminalizing me or “framing me” will not silence me, bend me or compromise me.”

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