Yetty vs Pure Mind: Serious Drama On Twitter As Private Dms Flood Timeline

A Twitter user with username @PureMind is currently trending on the microblogging site after being dragged by a lady he was trying to get down with.

The drama started yesterday when @PureMind, real name Ayo, posted the anniversary pictures of him and his girlfriend on his timeline.

He was accosted by two friends of another Twitter user @yettyclassy who Ayo had been bugging to have sex with for months. The tweets of the two friends, @SpontaneousKemi and @Kapitan_Joey, were in response to the first tweets by Yetty on the issue.

Her friends reactions:

Once the story was picked on by Sub Delivery Zone with a title that Yetty did not like, she decided to blow the whole truth of the matter on her TL and it has got us SHOOKED!

See full story below:

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