Xenophobia: Toke Makinwa, Kate Henshaw Blame Nigerians For Trouble In South Africa

The talk on xenophobia in the Nigerian social media air space has taken on a new dimension with the contribution of certain celebrities.

Popular vlogger, Toke Makinwa took to her Twitter page earlier today to give her opinion on the attack on Nigerians and other nationalities currently ongoing in South Africa. Her two cents however did not engender any love from fans who have been ruthlessly bashing her on Twitter.

Another celebrity on the receiving end of Nigerians anger is actress, Kate Henshaw, who simply tweeted we are responsible for how people treat us.

Dremo also got omre than he bargained for with a tweet this morning:
Which he later deleted  and tried to explain with this:

See Nigerians reactions:

After severe bashing on Twitter, Toke Makinwa also deleted her tweet and went to Instagram to 'report' Twitter users. However, Nigerians were not having it and are currently slamming her on there also.

Twitter is such a strange place, it’s like people are filled with so much anger, everyone is a target. How do you skip all these tweets and decide to hold on to the last slide, I have seen people call celebrities out yet on their own pages, they’ve said nothing. In their own communities they remain silent. I have seen people incite the public to burn buildings, destroy modems, boycott South African businesses where Nigerians also work and make a living and I ask if we respond with Violence who wins? If we send people home who will fend for their families? So because I choose to spread love I am accused of being on the fence, I have heard so many arguments on this matter and I think we need to free ourselves from mental slavery. No one wins here. They say Nigerians are selling drugs and my response is it is not a true representation of the average Nigerian, they say we take over their lands and take their jobs but our doors are open to them here, many businesses have Foreign managers and we don’t Complain. It is time from Africa to truly unite . The war is not between us, the war is “ignorance”. Not all South Africans are Xenophobic, we all have to come together to educate the ignorant amongst us and while we are at it, can we also stop the tribal statements among ourselves, can we all just stop? To those blaming celebrities, what have you done in your work place, your communities, your own space? Are you promoting destruction of properties and businesses or are you educating people on how to do better? First they come at you for not lending your voice, you do but they come st you even harder for not saying what they want to hear and if you ask them what they have done..... Nothing. Absolutely nothing. If this makes me on the fence then I’ll rather sit on it and watch my nails dry ❤️
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