Residents Of Slum In Lagos Reveal Easy Operation Of Witches, Communal Living

Usman Akinsola, a young man who lives in Ago Egan slum in Bariga, has spoken extensively about the way of life in that slum.

In an interview with, the slum dweller spoke about wizardry, explaining how witches operate in that environment. Akinsola talked about the hardship they endure; according to him, boys in the slum do not have much to do.

They make their daily bread from carrying baskets of fish from Araromi to Ilaje. The young man said life is indeed tough for them and they look forward to moving out of that area as they hope to find a more conducive environment.

He condemned the actions of witches in the slum as he mentioned that they have a presence in that place. He added that pastors do visit the slum during evangelism in order to get the witches to repent. The pastors also create awareness on the activities of the witches in the area.

Akinsola said that witches in the slum turn to cats at night. When asked how they survive in spite of the activities of the witches, he said that God has been their shield.

However, he stressed that the suffering in the slum is real as they go through a lot.

The slum resident talked about his personal life as he stated that he is interested in writing the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination since he has completed his secondary school education.

Life in the slum is not one to be looked forward to, the young man told the correspondent. Things do get messy when it rains as people visiting the slum may have to wear rain boots in order to move around.

Akinsola who stays at his mother’s shop from time to time is currently learning how to mend shoes.

Another dweller identified as Adenike Akanmu also spoke about the tough life in that vicinity. She introduced herself as a business woman even though she is not doing much at the moment.

Akanmu has a baby who is a year and two months old. She intends to give her business a push once the baby has been weaned.

The other residents spoken to talked about marriage in the slum. One of the women said that she will not be happy if her husband takes a second wife even though it is a common thing for men there to have more than one woman in their lives.

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