Fans Shocked As Popular Rapper Confesses He Uses 'Juju' And Practices Black Magic

There's been a lot of talk about cancelling J Hus just recently...

"What!?" you may have said when you heard the news. Immediately, we begin to ponder and speculate when a celeb suddenly receives heat from fans.

In the case of J Hus, this is one of the stranger cases of certain fans deciding to give them a miss in the future. The UK rapper began to attract significant attention back in 2015 with the release of his song 'Dem Boy Paigon', and the release of his debut album Common Sense in 2017 saw him truly take off, with tracks like 'Did You See' sweeping the mainstream and the affections of rap enthusiasts.

He's a prominent figure in the UK scene, but as this incident has proven, you have to be careful what you say to stay at the top.

Snapchat posts cause a stir! 

Fans of J Hus will know that he's called himself "Juju J" in the past and has made references to juju, but what exactly is it?

According to Urban Dictionary, the most popular meanings range from:

- Good or bad luck, stemming from good or bad deeds.

- Good or bad luck, stemming from a juju object, potion or spell.

- A positive or negative vibe, aura, or sensation emanating from a person, place or thing.

Essentially, it has connotations of magic - black magic. Recently, fans on Twitter have shared the rapper's Snapchat post, which reads: "I didn't wanna say this but I have to be honest with you. If I lie then I'm a faker. When I stopped doing black magic is when my life fell apart. Black Mans Magic. Juju J is back, now it's 'uju Militer."

Fans react to J Hus comments

Of course, a comment like that is going to be taken differently by everyone.

One Twitter user wrote: "J Hus has been screaming 'juju j' and talking about juju for the longest but it’s now people wanna cancel him? This era we live in..."

On the contrary, another confessed: "Sorry guys J Hus can keep his album after what I’ve just seen lool." For some - as this and the earlier post proves - the post hasn't come as a surprise, with one fan writing: "J Hus has been talking about juju for time, why’s everyone’s surprised?"

Even then, there's a dilemma. It's clear that plenty of fans never believed he was being serious with these sort of lyrics. Even after this recent post, there's no way to know for certain that he's serious - it could all be a part of a persona, but nevertheless, it's inevitably rattled some cages and stirred controversy.

A cause for concern? 

While some have been quick to shrug it all off and say they already knew, others have decided to boycott his music. On the other end, there are fans who are wondering if he's okay - as the above tweet suggests.

It's certainly worth asking. One fan on Twitter wrote: "It’s clear that a lot of people want to cancel J Hus, and that’s fine, but you guys need to deep the fact that he is going through a spiritual transition rn. Personally I’m praying for him because it’s clear that he is trying to move away from who he was." Everybody is going to have an opinion on the matter, but hopefully, those close to him check in and make sure he's all good.

His posts are problematic, but we'll have to keep an eye on the situation as it gradually unravels.

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