'Most People Who Stole Oil Subsidy Money Are Now Hiding In Churches' Popular Reverend Exposes Shocking Secrets

Nigerian cleric, Rev Yomi Kasali, has controversially claimed that the church has now 'become a den of thieves'.

Rev. Yomi Kasali, a popular Lagos cleric and the founder of the Foundation Of Truth Assembly (FOTA), has come hard on Nigerian pastors and Christians.

The cleric, while preaching in his church recently, said most people who stole Nigeria's money, particularly oil subsidy money, are now hiding in churches.

According to him, churches in Nigeria have become a den of thieves.
"Churches have become den of thieves. A den is a place where people hide. Most people that stole Nigeria's money are hiding in churches today. They go and pay some miserable tithe to a pastor. I speak it, they hate me.

"Those that took oil subsidy money in 2011, have built churches with the subsidy that belongs to the common wealth.

"Christ said no to that, why should I not say no to it? Why should we commercialize the gospel and 'mammonize' our faith?  Kasali said.

Watch the video of him speaking below:

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