More Trouble For Ronaldo As Police Confirm They Will Question Him Over R*pe Accusation

Cops have said they will quiz Cristiano Ronaldo over claims he r*ped a model in a hotel suite, The Sun UK reports.

Las Vegas officers aim to quiz the ex-Manchester United star about the alleged sexual assault of Kathryn Mayorga, 34, in June 2009.

The case was reopened last week but as the player is abroad they are unsure when his statement will be taken.

A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “We certainly do not know yet when it will happen… but at some point, we will have to listen to him.”

Ms Mayorga initially refused to name her alleged attacker and later agreed a settlement with Ronaldo for £287,000 in return for not discussing the case.

In August she approached Vegas police asking for the case to be reopened

Ronaldo strongly denies the claim.

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