Family rejects 24-year-old daughter for refusing to sell her newborn baby

A 24-year-old lady, simply identified as Miss. Oluchukwu has been reportedly rejected by her family because she refused to sell her baby for her upkeep.

The family also warned her not to return to the family with the child.

The young lady, an indigene of Ebonyi State, whose family lives in Anambra State had initially been advised to abort the pregnancy because she got pregnant out of wedlock, but she had insisted on keeping the pregnancy.

She was however picked by an NGO, Safenest, after she ran away from her family house in Awka.

According, to Daily Post the executive director of Safenest, Mrs. Ckukwuenyem, narrated Oluchukwu’s ordeal at a seminar organised by the group.

Ckukwuenyem said,

“We were so amazed when we learnt of this, and we have taken it upon ourselves to take care of her and the baby. She is currently in a location we put her. We do not want to release her exact location, but I can tell you she is doing well.

“How much will she sell the baby that can assuage her sufferings for nine months?”
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She revealed that within a year of the operations of her NGO, she has discovered that most families were threatened by very flimsy excuses, and had gone ahead to experience serious problems like division, divorce and even murder.

Ckukwuenyem said that abuse of substances like hard drug, alcohol and others were primarily behind the cause of violence in families.

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