Obasanjo would have stopped all the rubbish happening under Buhari, says former commissioner of Police

Elder statesman and a former Police Commissioner, Abubakar Tsav has lamented that things are going bad in the nation because President Muhammadu Buhari is a quiet and patient person.

Tsav said if it were to be former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, the rubbish going on under the Buhari government would have stopped.

Speaking with Punch, Tsav described Buhari as a simple man who is corrupt-free.

He said, “Buhari is a very good person. If Buhari were like Obasanjo, all the rubbish that is happening in this country, he would have stopped it but the man is a patient person. You see, they have been abusing him, calling him names, you would never hear him reply. He is doing his things quietly and he is honest; he is not corrupt.

“He has served as military governor, military head of state, minister of petroleum, PTF chairman and so on but he has not made money for himself. He lives a simple life and that’s how it should be. That is how a true leader should behave.”

On the real problem with Buhari government, Tsav said, “What everybody is complaining about is that he has a kitchen cabinet who are influencing his administration. Some people accused him of preference for his relations on jobs and other things. You see, everywhere in the world, people bring those closer to them that they can trust. If you don’t trust that person, how would you call that person to come and work with you because he will come and tell you a lie and he would go out and do a horrible thing.

“This is what happens everywhere. So if Buhari chooses his people who he has confidence in to work with him, I see nothing wrong with that because when I was a Commissioner of Police that time, my personal staff were people I had confidence in but they were not members of my family. They were not members of my tribe. I selected them from the police personnel who are just, honest and fair and people who could keep secrets.”

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