Horrifying moment one year old girl drowns on her birthday while her mother was texting

A one year old girl, Xiao Ai has been in coma for the past one month, depending on a breathing apparatus to keep her alive owing to a horrifying moment of carelessness.

It was gathered that the mother of the one year old was nearby texting while her daughter who was celebrating her birthday was splashing around in the pool in company of another male toddler using floaters while the mother had her attention on them and played with the boy for a little while.

The woman then picks up her phone and begins texting on it for a few seconds. Within that time, the toddler’s swimming ring flips over, tossing the girl into the water. But the mother doesn’t notice and continues texting on her phone while the child struggles in the water.

The boy in the pool tries to save Xiao Ai by reaching his hands towards her, but he couldn’t help her. He then tries getting the mother’s attention but she waved him away and continued using her phone.

By the time she spotted her daughter drowning, the child was not breathing and had turned purple.

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