News In Pictures: 'Mysterious' Tree Becomes Centre Of Huge Attraction In Borno...You Won't Believe Why

A tree that has been branded 'mysterious' has become the centre of serious attraction in a community in Borno State.
People have come to see the mysterious tree
A mysterious tree has now become the center of attraction in Bayo local government of Borno state.

Local reports show that people from all over the state and beyond have been coming to see the tree after news spread out that there is a ”mystic” undertone to its existence.

According to Abdulmumin Umar Aliyu who visited the site, the strange tree had been cut off severally but keeps growing right back up again after some time.

The tree was said to have been cut down again just recently and, however, to the surprise of the many residents in the area, the tree grew back in no long time.

The incident is said to have amazed the villagers who are now visiting the site where the tree is located like a tourist site and also offering their prayers there.

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