Ghanaian Journalist Orders Chinese Man To Pick Trash He Dropped In A Gutter (Video)

A Chinese man has been forced by a journalist to pick up a trash he disposed wrongly on the road to teach many people a lesson.
The Chinese man picks the trash to dispose it properly
Ghanaian journalist has become a talking topic after he was spotted on camera ordering a Chinese national to pick up a can he dropped inside a drain.

The journalist identified as Erastus Arase Donkor who works with Luv FM could not hide his disgust as he believed the man was adding to the dirtiness in the society by throwing can on the road.

He could be seen telling the Chinese man to take out the can which he had earlier dropped in the gutter in a 27-second video that has gone viral and dispose it properly.

He continued to insist and ended up forcing the Chinese man to descend into the gutter to pick the trash with his hands.

Ersatus later took to Facebook to post a video of the incident, insisting Ghanaians must not allow foreigners to come here and litter their drains and gutter with trash.

According to him, such things cannot be done in Europe, Asia or anywhere outside the continent and therefore others should not also be allowed to exhibit such habits in Ghana.

He posted the video accompanied by the comment:

“So I was driving with Frank Aboagye Danyansah and we spotted this Chinese national dropping a can in the drain…so I told frank that we must not allow this man to repeat what our own are doing to our environment.

“So I parked and we ordered him to pick up his trash. Don’t litter the environment. drains are not waste receptacles please.”

Watch video below:

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